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My March Obsessions

March has sadly come to an end and it went by SUPER fast. Spring is in the air and it’s just getting started even if the weather here is still rather chilly. As I keep wishing for warmer weather and sunny days, I thought it would be neat and interesting to compile a list of… Continue reading My March Obsessions

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DIY Charcoal Mask First Impression

I have heard and seen plenty of people rave about using charcoal in the form of a mask to be used on your face in order to help with problems such as acne. Since then I have always been curious about trying it for myself especially if it can kick some acne butt. Problem is,… Continue reading DIY Charcoal Mask First Impression

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The Struggles of Being an Adult

Since this is a lifestyle blog I figured it would be necessary to share some aspects of my life that have or are affecting me both in a positive way and/or a negative way. In this case, this blog will be in a negative way. First I’d like to make this clear that I’m not… Continue reading The Struggles of Being an Adult

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Turmeric Mask First Impression

So how to I begin this one? Well, years ago I had dug myself a deep hole revolving around YouTube and I stumbled upon a turmeric mask that is designed to help one get clear, glowing skin. At first I found it interesting but never dared to jump into it. Then months, or maybe years,… Continue reading Turmeric Mask First Impression


Tokyo Treat Subscription Review

I love everything and anything Japan related. It’s the music, fashion, make-up, animation, food, language, and culture that has intrigued me for years and is still going strong today. Unfortunately, I don’t have a means to actually visit the beautiful country as of yet. This also, unfortunately, means that I don’t have easy access to… Continue reading Tokyo Treat Subscription Review