Adore Me Products Review

Time to get a little personal with this one, but we’re all girls here right? For the most part at least. So I’m sure you already know that bras and panties – yes I used that term – aren’t cheap. And the ones that are, really show as they either never last long or they feel uncomfortable. I needed a cheaper alternative to Victoria Secret. Then I heard of this site,, while listening to Pandora on my way to work. At the end of this blog, I’ll say the three items that I purchased for myself. One thing you should know about me, I have a tiny obsession with lace. Just absolutely love it and you’ll see that as all the sets have lace on them.

How Adore Me works
Adore Me is a subscription service in a way. Here, let me try to explain how this works. When you sign up, you are billed $39.95 every month unless you purchase a set or item between the 1st and the 5th of every month. Don’t feel like spending the money? You can skip that month and not be charged but you HAVE TO skip between that five day period. If you do happen to forget to skip, that $39.95 will turn into store credit for you to use at a later time. My advice would be to keep a sticky note around, like on a mirror or someplace you see every day, as a reminder. Or just set one in your phone to avoid that billing. And you can skip as many months as you want!

With Adore Me, you get to pick whatever set(s) you want – but the more you want the more you are going to have to spend. They have a decent variety to choose from such as padding level and bra style and with every set you have the option to choose either a thong or a hipster/bikini style panty to go with the bra. Bra sizes run petite to plus – 30A to 46G. What I found strange though, is that if that set comes in a different color that different color has an entirely different name to the set. So you could be scrolling through the site and see a set you like, click on it, then be like ‘this looks familiar’. That’s because it more than likely is as a different color will get their own slot on the page. I interpret that as the site trying to look like they have more products then they actually do but maybe that’s just me.

If you live in the U.S. you’re in luck as you get free shipping. The only other countries they ship out to is Canada and Australia and unfortunately they require a flat rate shipping charge.

VIP Membership
I chose to be a VIP member so when you first sign up, you’re first set will be $19.95 instead of $39.95 which I thought was a good deal and either way it’s still cheaper than Victoria Secret. The VIP membership has some good perks to it in my opinion. You get $10 off with every set you purchase, VIP only sales, and whenever you buy 5 sets you’ll get the 6th one free.

Pay-as-you-go Option
Don’t want to be a VIP member? Then you can choose the pay-as-you-go option which will give you your first set at $29.93. This option also allows for a commitment-free shopping experience and is good for those you like lingerie but don’t buy it as often.

Not Just Bras and Panties
Bras and panties aren’t the only things Adore Me sells. They also offer sleep wear, lingerie, swimwear, active wear and a few accessories.

What I Bought
Now let’s get to the best part, shall we. First thing you should also know about Adore Me, is that their sets have names – like female names – so that’s how I’ll be breaking them down and in case you want to maybe look at the set yourself if any of them interest you.

This one I think is my favorite one of the three which came as a surprised to me as I’m not a huge fan of the color pink – purple all the way! – but the lace just spoke to me so I had to get it. The little accents with the bows were also a nice cute little touch. These bows are sewed in and feel pretty sturdy.

The bra in this one is a nude color with black lace on top. Again we see the cute little bows. Not complaining there! And the panties are just a solid all black to go with it. Same thing with these bows as they are sewn in and feel sturdy like they won’t fall off any time soon.

This one is the closest to purple that I could get in my size and it has more of a hint of grey to it then anything else. I love the thicker band – three hooks – and the little buttons that are also sewn in and aren’t loose right off the bat. Great mix of sexy and cute. And straps are removable! Didn’t know that when I bought it so it’s versatile.

Overall, I felt that all the items I got were true to my size. Every one of the sets were comfortable and looked really good – made me feel super happy with how I looked in them! And the materials didn’t feel cheaply made. I don’t have to spend $50-$60 on just one bra at Victoria’s Secret now. I can get more than that at a cheaper price and still feel good. I am certainly buying more from them in the future. All of them do have padding because they feel more comfortable for me but the padding isn’t supper thick like some you find in other bras. So would I recommend this to my friends and family? Most definitely.

Pros: Wide selection of styles, many sizes to choose from, comes in sets, other items available, free shipping for the U.S., good VIP perks, decent price, new styles arrive monthly, flexibly payment options (skip option with no limitations)

Cons: Not much for international shipping, some sets restock but not all

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