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Current Obsessions

Food Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps Lightly Salted - I like to stay as healthy as I can be. Sometimes I fall short of that. I'm not on my A-game 100% of the time I'll admit. But I make up for it by working out okay! Especially since I feel I don't get enough veggies in… Continue reading Current Obsessions

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Understanding Me As An Introvert

I thought I’d write this post to better explain myself as an introvert since I find it easier to express myself better with written words instead of spoken ones. What I’m about to share doesn’t define me as a character in whole. I’m a complex individual full of many characteristics, traits, interests, dislikes, and so… Continue reading Understanding Me As An Introvert

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Update and Future of this Blog

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve made of post. Not sure how many readers of mine are still out there that want to read this blog. Life just kind of got in the way but I’m not here to only talk about the negatives. Some good things have happened, and I know… Continue reading Update and Future of this Blog


August’s Photographs

Here are all the photos I liked and took in the month of August! Again, most you find on my Instagram but not all were featured there. Enjoy!   My social media links are just a click away! Facebook Twitter Instagram

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Getting To Know Me…Through A Meme?

I saw this floating around Twitter amongst the blogging community and people I follow so I thought I’d give it a go here on my blog. Not sure why it says "steal the meme" though. Is this considered a meme?? I don't think so... Anyway, so instead of just answering one question based on how… Continue reading Getting To Know Me…Through A Meme?

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My Mid-August Photo Share

Since August hasn't quite finished yet and I wanted to post something photography related I thought I'd add in a few pictures that I have taken in the past. Because, why not. As you will probably noticed, I like taking pictures of flowers... Hey! They're beautiful! Can you blame me?? Anyway, here we go. Hope… Continue reading My Mid-August Photo Share


Adore Me Products Review

Time to get a little personal with this one, but we’re all girls here right? For the most part at least. So I’m sure you already know that bras and panties – yes I used that term – aren’t cheap. And the ones that are, really show as they either never last long or they… Continue reading Adore Me Products Review