August’s Photographs

Here are all the photos I liked and took in the month of August! Again, most you find on my Instagram but not all were featured there. Enjoy!   My social media links are just a click away! Facebook Twitter Instagram

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My Mid-August Photo Share

Since August hasn't quite finished yet and I wanted to post something photography related I thought I'd add in a few pictures that I have taken in the past. Because, why not. As you will probably noticed, I like taking pictures of flowers... Hey! They're beautiful! Can you blame me?? Anyway, here we go. Hope… Continue reading My Mid-August Photo Share

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July’s Photographs

So I'm doing something different with my blog page that I hope I can be consistent in doing. And that, as you can tell, is posting monthly photography shots. I'd like to practice and get more into photography and besides using Instagram, I thought I'd use my blog page to showcase what I managed to… Continue reading July’s Photographs