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Food Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps Lightly Salted - I like to stay as healthy as I can be. Sometimes I fall short of that. I'm not on my A-game 100% of the time I'll admit. But I make up for it by working out okay! Especially since I feel I don't get enough veggies in… Continue reading Current Obsessions


Adore Me Products Review

Time to get a little personal with this one, but we’re all girls here right? For the most part at least. So I’m sure you already know that bras and panties – yes I used that term – aren’t cheap. And the ones that are, really show as they either never last long or they… Continue reading Adore Me Products Review


Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit

To the people who know me, doing this Japanese candy DIY kit comes as no surprise as for many years now I’ve been interested in anything Japanese or Japan related. This is only the second kit I have done in my entire life – sad I know – so bear with me and the end… Continue reading Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit

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Turmeric Mask First Impression

So how to I begin this one? Well, years ago I had dug myself a deep hole revolving around YouTube and I stumbled upon a turmeric mask that is designed to help one get clear, glowing skin. At first I found it interesting but never dared to jump into it. Then months, or maybe years,… Continue reading Turmeric Mask First Impression


Tokyo Treat Subscription Review

I love everything and anything Japan related. It’s the music, fashion, make-up, animation, food, language, and culture that has intrigued me for years and is still going strong today. Unfortunately, I don’t have a means to actually visit the beautiful country as of yet. This also, unfortunately, means that I don’t have easy access to… Continue reading Tokyo Treat Subscription Review